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Brewlab had a range of audiences for its services including training courses, brewing products and B2B analysis services. The challenge was to increase awareness of the brand amongst the niche target market and increase share of voice online.

Narrative produced a digital content and advertising strategy. A bank of content was produced for each target persona at each stage of their buyer journey. We then created a robust advertising campaign to drive traffic to these pieces of content, to engage the target audience and showcase Brewlab’s expertise. It incorporated three specific audiences: passive target audience, active target audience and a remarketing audience.

On LinkedIn, we targeted ads to decision-makers in the drink industry who may not be familiar with Brewlab already and who may not know that they want to take a course or that these courses are available for staff in their breweries.

We launched a campaign on Google Adwords to reach warm leads who are searching for exactly what the client has to offer and we also constructed a remarketing display campaign to re-engage previous visitors to the client’s website. Depending on which piece of content the user had viewed on the website, they were then served a remarketing display advert on target publisher sites which encouraged them to read another piece of content further down the customer journey funnel. We also implemented robust goal tracking including call trackers on their website, single use numbers on offline ads and tags across the website.

Within an hour of the campaign going live, the client received two enquiries and a sale in the online store. In the first week of the campaign, the client’s website had the most traffic ever in a week in 2016 and second highest in the last two years. LinkedIn followers increased by 25% during the campaign which showed increase brand awareness. Feedback from the client reinforced the data, with enquiries and bookings increasing during, and after, the advertising campaign.

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