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In the modern world, social media has become a big part of our daily lives. How we connect with people and identify ourselves is driven by this online network. For a business, it is important to drive these characteristics in the right manner and engage the right target audience. In this week’s insight, we look at how to go about making the best out of your social media posts.

A good way to grab your audience’s attention is a powerful and eye-catching statement to start your post. This can be a short statement (5 words or less is the best) describing what your post is about and what message you are trying to deliver to your audience.

When creating a social media post always try and use some form of media (photo, videos, gifs, animations etc.) to enhance your message to your audience. Having a strong form of media alongside your post can support your message when you can’t use a large number of words on a post. Using the media tool on social network platforms will also help expand and improve the rate of your audience engaging with your post.

It’s important when writing a social media post about your business or macro environment experiences around the business that you have the correct information. There is nothing worse than misinforming or getting caught out by your audience when writing social media posts. Another important thing to double check if any media or external links work on your social media post. You don’t want to boast or promote something that doesn’t work for your audience or clients. And don’t forget to check for any typos!

Understand what your audience want. How do they interact? If they interact overwhelmingly with video content over text, increase your brand’s video and image content. How does your audience use social media? If your audience are laid back and text use emojis? Use emojis to describe your message. Don’t be afraid to develop your style to improve your delivery of message to your target audience.

Now it’s over to you. Building a relationship with your audience can be difficult and take some to time to develop, but the important thing is to carry on innovating your brand’s technique and keeping up to date with the latest social media strategies to inform, engage and inspire.

This post was created on 26th October 2021
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