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Here our fantastic marketing intern, Laura, has been delving into best practice of press photography and has shared some of her key finds.

The much used idiom ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more relevant than in the case of press photos.

A great image will not only attract the attention of journalists, increasing the chances of your story being published, but will also attract perspective readers of the published article.

Because press photos are so important, we would always recommend hiring a professional press photographer where possible to ensure that you get the best results. When searching for a photographer, make sure they are specifically a press specialist and not, for example, a wedding photographer, as press photographers have the knowledge and experience in what makes a good PR image.

However, if you are on a budget, it’s still possible to capture great images! To help you get the best out of your images, we have put together a list of the best practices to consider when taking press photos.

Is it relevant?

Ensure that the image is appropriate in the context of the press release, for example, is the focus of the story on a new product or a new employee? Whatever the focus, make sure that the central point of the image and the story match! Relevancy also includes the tone and emotions of people in the shot, consider whether your story requires a more humorous image or something more professional.

High quality is essential

Make sure that your images are high resolution, at least 300 dpi, to avoid them becoming pixelated. Also, when you are taking the image, ensure that the camera is in focus and the image is not blurry.

Take a variety of shots

Change up the orientation, background or composition to make sure you get the best shot – don’t just settle on the first image you take! It is also useful to have these extra images as journalists may ask for further pictures if they choose to publish your story. Different orientations also ensure that your image will fit into any publication.

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting

Lighting can make or break an image; too dark or too light and the focus of the image will be indistinguishable. Outdoor, natural lighting is always preferable, however make sure to avoid direct sunlight which will result in glare and strong shadows.

The background is as important as the foreground

It’s very easy to put all of your attention on the focus of the image, for example the product, and forget to consider what is surrounding it. Always make sure that the background is clean, tidy and appropriate in the context of the image and the press release.

Keep it filter free

Avoid the use of filters and Photoshop and try to stick to the original unedited image – journalists tend to be put off by images that look fake.

Are there any other topics you’d like to hear from us about? Contact our PR & Communications Executive, Katie, with your blog requests!

This post was created on 18th April 2019
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