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It’s not uncommon for employees to become demotivated after being in their job for a while, but it’s important that employers combat this to help their team make the most of their time at work. After all, a happy employee is a passionate employee, right?

Here are seven ways to harness the creative passion of your workforce and help your employees make the most of their work life.

  1. Provide opportunities and rewards

By engaging with your employees and encouraging them within the workplace, it shows an invested interest in them and their career. You could show this by supporting them to learn a new skill, attend a course or allow them to work with a different department.

Rewards could also be given to employees who achieve set targets within their roles and go above and beyond the requirements of the role. This could be in the form of a bonus or a work day out, or simply a thank you card or small gesture to recognise effort and commitment.

By providing opportunities and rewards to employees it creates a positive working environment, channels creativity and allows people to grow and develop on a professional level.

  1. Promote transparency and honesty

Honesty is the best policy and being transparent, even more so. By being open with your employees about how business is going, what is happening and being honest about the work they are producing will make your employees more invested in the company. Being open with employees will encourage them to get involved and do more, unlocking a creative mindset.

  1. Be flexible

Some workplaces have a tight schedule, leaving no room for movement. This can make job roles rigid and employees can become demotivated and confined within their role, leaving them with no progression opportunities. Having a flexible working life can help people fit their life around their job, instead of their job around their life, enhancing their positive employee experience.

  1. Give praise

If there’s one thing people appreciate, it’s being recognised for the work they produce. By offering your employees feedback and praising their efforts it motivates and inspires them to create work of the same standard while harnessing their creative passion.

  1. Invest In wellness and time out

Mindfulness is a growing opportunity for businesses to identify when or if employees are experiencing stress or could be struggling with their work or home life. By offering mindfulness support it shows that you care about the people who work for you and also highlights how important they are to your team.

You could also offer your employees ‘time out’ to go for walks, individually or as a group, and time to sit quietly. This time allows them to think, find inspiration and helps them with to re-stock and re-fuel ready for action. Then they can then bring this renewed vigour into the workplace to be channelled into their work.

  1. Listen

Employees feel motivated and passionate about their job if they are listened to. If their thoughts, comments and feedback are taken on board and put into practice they will thrive. It isn’t always possible for all suggestions to be implemented, however, if ideas aren’t carried forward, it is important to always recognise and respect each input, offering feedback. This encourages future participation and acknowledges that it is worthwhile contributing.

  1. Encourage healthy competition

Lighthearted competition is widely encouraged in many workplaces because it allows employees to get to know each other, get away from their work duties for a short time and allow them to channel their passions in a different manner. It is important that the competitions make employees feel included, motivated and energised.


The journey to fulfilment at work and a healthy work-life balance is not an easy one and it certainly isn’t a one size fits all methodology; but the tips above will provide a structure for improving engagement with team members and hopefully some food for thought about points to consider on this journey.


Written by Charlotte Price, PR intern at Narrative

This post was created on 15th February 2020
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