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An Introduction to Instagram Reels

First launched in August 2020 across 50 countries, Instagram Reels is an in-app feature of social media channel Instagram which allows users to create short 15 or 30-second videos which they are able to edit, add creative effects and audio before sharing to their followers. Today we look at their functionality and how you can use them within your social media marketing strategy…

Users are afforded the ability to share videos to a wider audience by allowing their Reel to be shown on the Instagram Explore page. Users can find Reels in the centre spot of the menu bar, or post Reels by clicking on the add story feature at the top left of their homepage, before scrolling along to Reels.

Why use Instagram Reels?

Rolls Royce Reels - Behind The Scenes
Rolls Royce using ‘behind-the-scenes’ approach to Reels
  1. Instagram Reels are quick and easy to create.

With Instagram Reels being a maximum of 15 to 30 seconds in length, they do not require a lot of time invested to make quality content for your followers. All the shooting and editing can be completed on the Instagram app, so no other editing software or app is required.

2.The Editing Tools are Great.

Just like with Instagram Stories and photo editor, Instagram Reels has a range of fantastic editing tools to make your video stand out. Reels on Instagram allows users to incorporate music from a music library, increase the speed of the video by up to 5x as well as a countdown option to enable handsfree recording. Users are also able to use Instagram’s range of filters in addition to being able to being able to align objects from one clip to another to allow for smooth transitioning.

3. Why Choose Reels Over on TikTok?

You may feel that Instagram Reels sounds terribly similar to TikTok, so why use Instagram Reels over its competitor? Instagram Reels is quite simply one of the many features which Instagram offers to its users, whereas TikTok is a platform itself. With this in mind, Instagram users are not confined to only create Reels, but also post photographs, videos, use IGTV and add to their stories.  

Why Should Businesses Use Instagram Reels?

1. 1 Billion Active Monthly Users

As of January 2020, there were 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, this amount only being topped by Facebook which has around 2.6 billion monthly users. This shows a clear scope for businesses to advertise their business and products on Instagram, and the use of Reels can allow businesses to show off their products/services in a unique and quirky fashion.

2. Connects with Your Audience

Businesses are able to connect with audiences on more of a personal level through Reels. Instagram Reels gives businesses the opportunity to jump onto trends or memes, while still promoting their business or products to audiences.

3. Increases Audience

Instagram has already proven to be a successful marketing tool for businesses. Businesses have been able to interact with there customers through videos and photographs for years now, but with Reels there is a new opportunity to attract more followers to your page and gain free exposure.

Balmain Instagram Reels
Balmain Instagram Reels

How Businesses can Utilise Instagram Reels

  1. Offers a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Look for Viewers

While this could appear quite bland on the surface, this is a trend which has been relatively popular over on TikTok. Through Reels, businesses can show their audiences what goes into making their products or show off exclusive sneak peaks to new products or services they have coming soon.

2. Opportunity to Educate your Audience

Depending on your business model, you could share educational videos to your Instagram Reels. For example, a make-up artist could demonstrate how they did one of their most popular styles, or a digital marketer could share tips and how-tos for those wanting to get into marketing.  

3. Shows off your Products

This is where you can really sell your product or service to potential customers. This is your opportunity to showcase your product to potential customers. Use Instagram Reels to showcase your product from all different angles, show your product being used by yourself or consumers or highlight the key benefits of your product in video form.

Are you interested in leveraging Instagram reels for your social media strategy? Have you already tried and had success? Tell us about it or tweet us @NarrativeComms

This post was created on 12th February 2021
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