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Last week we welcomed Bronte into the office, who joined us for work experience. It was a pleasure to get to know her and we were all impressed with her enthusiasm to learn. Here she discusses her experience of spending a week at a marketing agency, and how it has influenced her future career aspirations.

I’m Bronte and I have come to Narrative for my work experience. I am very creative and I love designing things. I am very interested in the fashion industry and I love all the different aspects from designing and making to the marketing and media side of it.

I wanted to come to Narrative for my work experience because I thought it would be very interesting and I thought I would be able to bring my creativity to the work place.

While I’ve been at Narrative, I’ve taken part in many tasks, including: tasks, designing logos, exploring the agency’s client portfolio to see the breadth of coverage across different industries, researching how STEM has evolved into STEAM and creating a presentation of my findings as well as speaking to all of the people who work here and getting to know what they do in their jobs.

At Narrative, I have particularly enjoyed designing logos and doing research. Also, it has been really good speaking to all of the people who work here and learning about all of their different roles in the company.

During my time here, I have learnt how to be innovative when designing logos, I have proven my reliability by finishing all the tasks I’ve been given, and my communication skills have developed from speaking to new people all week.

For my A-Levels, I would like to take Textiles, Spanish and maybe Maths, History and Psychology. Then, if I take that further to university, I’d like to get a degree in Fashion and Spanish, as I would like to live in Spain for 6 months. My dream job would probably be something in the fashion industry or anything that’s creative; I would also love to be a teacher at some point in my life.

My time at Narrative has influenced what I want to do in the future because I am now interested in marketing and media, and exploring how this can fit alongside my existing career aspirations.

I have enjoyed my time at Narrative very much and I recommend that many others should come here. Thank you!

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This post was created on 28th June 2019
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