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We were recently joined in the office by Will, who was visiting us for work experience. Here he discusses his week at a marketing agency and how his experience has affected his career aspirations.

My name is Will and I have recently completed my work experience week at Narrative. I’m a keen musician and I’m currently studying History, Geography and Spanish. I wanted to spend my work experience at Narrative because I was curious about all the different jobs within a marketing agency.

Throughout the week, I explored various aspects of the agency through assignments set by each member of the team which included researching clients and designing magazine advertisements. I really enjoyed the creative meeting as it was very interesting to hear the different ideas from each member of the team and how they work together to create new concepts or develop existing ones. I also found designing my own advert to be a very rewarding process and I’m very proud of the end result.

Working in a marketing agency is very different to how I expected it to be. There’s lots of teamwork and everyone is very creative and has the freedom to express their ideas for each project. Working at Narrative and talking with the staff has encouraged me to seriously consider a career in marketing as the work is a lot more varied than I had originally anticipated and there is a great atmosphere in the office which makes it an engaging, positive working environment. I’m glad I came here for my work experience because otherwise I wouldn’t have known half of these jobs existed.

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This post was created on 2nd August 2019
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