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Are marketing insight blogs dead? Well, let’s figure this out.

Since the boom of blogs over 10 years ago, marketing agencies have jumped upon the bandwagon and have used this tool to peel away at important information about the modern marketer and what work they’ve done with clients in recent times. However, in this modern age, are there other efficient ways a business can share this information?

Give Me Just a Little More Time Management

The one issue with creating a successful blog for your brand is time management. The role of the blog has never been the star of any business, but is a further development of the business when communicating with its stakeholders.

Podcasts Killed the Blog Star

During lockdown, there was huge rise in the adoption to listen to podcasts with an estimated 7.1 million people now listening to the media format. With this demand for audio information should businesses and marketing agencies take note? It certainly can be an easier and more interactive way of sending a message across and less time consuming then writing and editing a blog.

She Searches in Her Own Way

Okay, so I guess after all that doom and gloom, let’s look at some of the positives into why we should keep our word format communication tool. An important use of blogs is content. Content is a good way of keeping your business looking fresh and can place your brand in a range of searches on marketing topics. 

Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Blog After Midnight)

We believe that the key to good, engaging content creation lies in a strong understanding of who you are talking to. Acknowledging that different people engage with different media shows that it is worth exploring the written words as well as video formats, podcasts etc. to ensure that your audiences’ preferences are addressed. Blogs definitely still have a place in the makeup of marketing. It’s always good to take time out and learn something new or hear what’s going on in the world of marketing. What do you think? 

This post was created on 26th October 2021
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