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Exactly one year ago, Laura started her first week as our marketing intern. A year later, she is now an official Narrator, working as our PR and communications executive. Here, she reflects on her year at Narrative, and how it supported not only her studies, but also her life after graduation.

Throughout the final year of my Media, Communication and Cultural Studies degree, I worked in the Narrative office one day a week, gaining workplace skills to support my academic learning. Primarily working in the PR team, I completed copywriting tasks for social media content plans, press releases and blog posts, plus conducted research for the client partnerships team when required.

I was initially cautious about undertaking an internship alongside my studies, as I was very conscious of juggling the workload and commitment to achieving high grades at university. However, following my experience at Narrative, it is something that I would recommend to all students.

Having worked full-time for two years prior to enrolling at university, I had some experience of various work environments – albeit in very different industries to marketing. Spending one day a week in the Narrative office helped to ease me back into working life and allowed me to experience an industry I was completely new to.

Following my internship, I was fortunate enough to be offered a part-time job at Narrative! Thanks to the opportunities provided to me as a Narrative employee, on my graduation day I was lucky enough to be in the seventh week of my new job as their PR and communications executive.

Although my official period of study has ended, I am still learning something every day working in my current role. Having completed a very theoretical degree, the practical skills I am learning as a Narrator are supplementing my more conceptual knowledge of media and culture. My prior experience in full-time employment combined with my internship have helped me enormously in making the transition from full-time student to part-time employee.

For those who are about to embark on their final year at university, my advice would be to embrace every work experience opportunity you can. Whether that be making use of the careers advice service at your university, applying for an internship or work experience opportunity or simply making sure that your CV is up-to-date, anything that you can do to prepare yourself for life after graduation is invaluable.

I would definitely agree to these seven reasons to do a work placement from Prospects, which define the many advantages to completing this vital experience. I can relate to every single one of these points and would highly recommend following the suggestions here to understand more about work placements and where to explore the opportunities out there.

If you are interested in work experience or internship opportunities at Narrative, please email

This post was created on 27th September 2019
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