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Embarking on a journey to tell the world about your products and services, particularly when it involves finding a way to explain scientific processes or complicated technical terms, may seem a daunting task.

Narrative has extensive experience of working with engineering and advanced manufacturing companies to ensure key messages resonate with potential customers, making brands recognisable and complex services easy to understand.

In the wider context of professional services marketing, there are numerous smart ways to build brand exposure, promote your services, attract talent and create new business opportunities.
Here are our top tips to help you to align your thinking to champion and effectively promote your brand:

Our team of narrators ensure they are up-to-date with industry trends so that we are well informed to tackle economic challenges and find innovative ways to stand out in an ever-changing competitive marketplace.
As the country gets set to leave the European Union, we are supporting clients to promote how they are adjusting and optimising models and processes for business continuity in uncertain times. We understand the disruption to supply chains and the need for a step change in customs arrangements to favourably position the UK as a trade partner and allow manufacturers to compete.

Many of our clients operate globally, with a strong foothold across Europe, which they are striving to sustain amidst economic volatility, including the shrinking of the world’s fourth largest economy, and Europe’s biggest, Germany.

Political and financial power struggles will continue, and the need for business as usual under ever-changing conditions, means that organisations need to re-visit the core of their continuity plans and growth strategies.

As many look to diversify, they seek assistance with market research and insights to make informed and financially sound decisions. We are supporting numerous clients to create fit-for-purpose marketing strategies underpinning decision-making and informing the direction of the brand.

Instilling confidence and revitalising brand stories through the creation of unique content or the evolution of a corporate identity, have helped our clients to align their expertise with market demands.

Standing out in a competitive global marketplace via a strong brand and collateral helps to promote a business to not only attract and retain customers, but also to fill skills gaps and assist the recruitment of talented individuals to boost productivity and capacity.

EngineeringUK forecast that 265,000 skilled workers will be required annually through to 2024, including those needed to fill the 79,000 engineering-related roles expected to emerge per year, to cope with demand.

Engaging and enticing the next generation of engineers through our work with numerous colleges and universities across the UK (including Redcar & Cleveland College, York College, Newcastle University and the University of Cumbria), has ignited excitement for career opportunities in engineering and manufacturing.

As the media indulges consumers with news of exciting revolutionary trends, such as 3D printing and Additive Layer Manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to develop very complex parts in less time, fusing shapes together and combining impossible to machine solutions; new unique selling points for engineering leaders to exploit are emerging.

We’re proud to have elevated numerous brands across an array of sub sectors in engineering and manufacturing industries. From engineering consultancy experts T J Hazell and Ardmore Craig, to global innovators Siemens and Reece Innovation; we have relished the opportunity to develop brands and compose compelling copy to modernise, expand and differentiate these organisations.

Our client, Premier Tech Aqua UK, continue to tap into our services to convey messages about their core products and innovative water treatment solutions, as do Union Fasteners, leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial fasteners and fixings for an array of markets such as the defence industry and petrochemicals.

Similarly, Westline, renowned suppliers of bespoke architectural staircases to the construction, engineering and building industries, continue to benefit from our creative services covering brand development, collateral composition and striking ad concepts.

Whether you want to generate sales leads or expand into new markets, get in touch with the Narrative team to discuss how we can help you to tell your own unique story:

This post was created on 20th September 2019
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