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It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without social media. Within the world of B2B marketing, it has become a vital marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and revenue. Gone are the heydays of cold calling, print advertising, and word of mouth referrals; it’s all about great social content that adds value, sponsored posts that target potential leads, and B2B social campaigns that speak to communities.

 While old-school marketing strategies still have their place in B2B marketing, social media is one of the channels where businesses can continue to reach their clients, generate leads and build those all-important relationships. Today we explore just how social media is widening the scope for B2B marketers…

LinkedIn – The B2B Behemoth

It should come as no surprise that LinkedIn is the most commonly used social network for B2B marketing, and usually the first platform we think of for this type of relationship building. More formal than the likes of Facebook and Instagram, it is primarily used for professional networking – it makes sense that your potential B2B customers can be found on this channel. Reports show that 41% of marketers use LinkedIn, and that 63% of those find it effective for B2B marketing.

Here business can share everything from new appointments, recruitment posts and internal news updates to insights, thought-leadership blogs and useful resources from within their industry. LinkedIn is the primary social channel to engage with clients, and potential clients for a reason; mainly due to the business-focused nature of the content here.

Here your potential customers are easily able to find your brand off the back of your great insightful content, your reputation and expertise, but that’s not to say it’s the only opportunity to connect with leads outside the constraints of your website and other marketing activity.

Facebook’s Growing B2B Functionality

Facebook offers a lot of similar opportunities as LinkedIn, with another advantage. Here you’ll find a simple way to target business owners with ads. In the same way that businesses can target customers directly, Facebook ads offer ‘detailed targeting’ which allows businesses to target their ads to groups in which your potential B2B customers exist. From a B2B advertising perspective, this is an especially useful tool to target the people most likely to engage with your brand.

This might include finding Facebook users with a particular job title, who work for specific sectors and companies, or even users who are admins of business pages. The more targeted the details are, the better chance your ads and promoted posts have to reach the right people.

B2B Marketing On Instagram

Instagram has also taken strides to further enhance B2B marketing on their platform. While it’s more commonly utilised for B2C marketing, particularly for ecommerce and lifestyle brands, there’s still plenty of scope for reaching B2B customers, and the uptake has been interesting.

Instagram provides a great opportunity to see what competitors are doing, reach your B2B audiences with targeted hashtags and build your community within the platform, to generate leads through to your website.

Instagram’s shopping feature also enables businesses to promote products and services by tagging photos, reels, videos and stories. A simple tap brings up further information, directs these users to your website and can even allow purchase within-app. This cuts out the middle man meaning that a client doesn’t even have to visit your site, or call to speak to a sales rep to consume your product or service; they can just do it with a simple tap.

How B2B Marketing on Social Media is Changing

While the stories functionality has served Instagram well, LinkedIn has also recently introduced a similar feature to allow B2B marketers to market their business in a more visual, ‘throw-away’ format. This suggests that LinkedIn is trying to close the gap between themselves and other social channels to test the limits of the ‘business-like’ nature it’s most commonly known for.

One could also argue that TikTok is also becoming a player in the social media landscape of B2B. We recently explored how brands were using TikTok to advertise their products, but will this be a new horizon for B2B brands also?  

It is great to see how B2B brands are expanding their growth using social media. Are you a B2B brand who has achieved great success via B2B on social? We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re a B2B business who’d like to know how you can use social for your own B2B marketing strategy, get in touch with us. We’re happy to share our insights on generating leads in new and exciting ways!

This post was created on 1st March 2021
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