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Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as a marketer. We have grown up enjoying stories since childhood – gripped by the drama and drawn into the emotion. Storytelling is a smart tactic to use in business as well.  

Every organisation has a story, and your customers (present and future), as well as your current and prospective employees, want to know yours.

Your brand story helps to set you aside from the competition, whilst consistently and confidently positioning your products and services in the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Set the scene

Explaining why your brand exists may sound obvious, but it is really important to incorporate the ‘about us’ element into your communications.

Define your values and illustrate how you live these values in the way you treat your employees, customers and your community. This sets the scene and forms the core of your brand’s existence, as well as beginning to create your brand story.

Influence opinions

Using brand stories to influence the emotions of your stakeholders is no simple task, but if done well, it can propel your brand to greater success, increasing reach and engagement along the way.  Storytelling is an extremely effective tool to communicate with and motivate people.

Your brand story has the power to influence opinions and generate positive perceptions for your business.

Keep it fresh

Through a variety of new chapters, you can keep your brand front of mind and your core values at the heart of all of your promotions.

From success stories to newsletters and even social posts; as long as content is engaging, relevant and carefully aligned to your business ethos, it will be well received by your audience.

Be creative

Why think in 2D when 3D is so much more exciting! By selecting a range of mechanisms to tell your ongoing brand story, you can better engage with audiences, presenting them with an array of written words, animations, infographics, videos and imagery to boost appeal and generate interest/leads.

Solve problems

You can use your brand’s story to position your business as a solutions-oriented group of people, demonstrating your brand’s ability to solve or ease issues your customers may be facing. This is particularly useful if you can identify unique selling points which illustrate how your team of experts, or your product, can do it better than a competitor.

Exude confidence

Don’t mistake this for bragging or down talking others. Great brands with good products, services and people don’t need to rely on creating negatives about others to succeed. Great brands explain their own goals and ambitions, and exactly how they are going to achieve them.

This confidence and focus on success will resonate with readers who want to replicate this tone in their own work.

Talk to people, not at them

Your brand story and communications should be customer-centric, offering value, building trust and showing a human side.

The most effective and persuasive brand stories take their time to develop, utilising a variety of outlets, areas of focus and topics of interest to subtly motivate and influence others – evolving with your business allowing for updates and new directions to be seamlessly integrated.

Maintain consistency

Your brand’s story needs to be consistent to avoid any confusion and to allow your audience to begin to recognise your materials and associate them positively with your company.

Tone of voice and relating back to core values are a couple of ways to maintain this consistency.

Inject some emotion

People are drawn to people, that’s why building relationships is so important versus transactional activities.

Utilise your people by featuring them in your brand narrative – they are your core assets and their knowledge, skills and experience will help to deepen audiences’ connections with your business.

Encouraging a deeper interaction with your brand, improves these connections to all that you represent – further enhancing positive perceptions surrounding the organisation.

Similarly, featuring customers in your success stories will build trust – showing your existing clients that you value their business, whilst demonstrating the impact you’ve made to those considering working with or for you.

Our team of Narrators love a good story! And being part of the evolution of your brand story is a huge part of what we do so well.

Get in touch to speak to the team at Narrative about developing and refreshing your brand, as well as to seek support to successfully tell your own brand story.

This post was created on 16th July 2020
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