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Author: Amy Nichols

It’s no secret that video is becoming a dominant element of social media, and as times move on and technology advances, it has never been easier to produce video.

After attending a workshop with Pascal Fintoni on video marketing (Video killed the social media star) here are my top 5 takeaways:

1)    Video should be used as a tool to make your current marketing activity work harder. It’s no use creating a video, putting it on the various channels and doing nothing else to promote your business.

2)    The internet gives us an ideal platform to reach a wide audience of current and potential customers, and in a time where gaining trust and credibility can be difficult, video is an excellent tool to “be seen and heard being helpful.”

3)    Timing is everything, and just because everyone else is jumping on the video bandwagon, it’s not necessarily the right time for your business. You must first build the audience and figure out how you are going to distribute it. Video is no good if no one is watching!

4)    Start with the simplest video with the most useful content, around 30 seconds long. People are more likely to give up 30 minutes of their lives if you begin by asking for 30 seconds.

5)    The right structure and storytelling technique can increase engagement. We aren’t here to impress with our special effects or editing skills, we just need the content to be relevant and the characters relatable. One technique mentioned was the George Lucas Principle: “I don’t make special effects movies, I make movies about people with special effects”.

If you’d like to know more about how to incorporate video into your marketing activity, get in touch today on 0191 516 6235 or email

This post was created on 25th June 2018
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