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Here at Narrative, we pride ourselves on being champions of marketing as a profession. We realise that now, more than ever, marketers may have to justify why they are important in a business. We’ve all heard that ‘marketing is the first thing to go’ when budgets are cut, but communication with the people you care about has never been more important than now – and businesses should care about their consumers and employees.

To aid such conversations, we have prepped our simple guide as to why marketing really does matter.

  1. Marketing is not a one-off effort; it is a long-term strategic approach that is key to any organisation’s success and survival. All organisations will have clear strategic marketing goals, which are identifiably aligned with business objectives.
  2. Marketing does not create unnecessary needs/wants but rather seeks to drive the right people to the advertised product or service. Put simply, it is the process of discovery of the wants and needs of people and the process of meeting those requirements.
  3. Marketing maintains brand consistency – it ensures that every piece of communication from blogs and PR, to design and advertising is on brand, instantly recognisable and consistent.
  4. Marketing is the first step to connecting with people, starting conversations and nurturing long term relationships. Ultimately, marketing is focused on the customer – their needs, wants and desires. By keeping in touch with customer needs and improving customer engagement, marketing is key to sustainable growth.
  5. Marketing is a key source of education and trusted information.
  6. Successful marketing will produce a return on any investment, measured in awareness, more relationship opportunities and an increased number of profitable conversions/sales.
  7. Marketing helps keep a finger on the pulse of customer (or potential customer) sentiment. It not only attracts but retains customers (if done correctly and consistently).
  8. Marketing can help brands stand out from competition in a crowded marketplace.
  9. Marketing can encourage loyalty amongst stakeholders, both internal and external, to the point where they can become brand ambassadors, happy to personally spread your key messages and vociferously promote your product or service.
  10. Going beyond the traditional 5Ps of Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People; marketing is an extension of your brand, your team’s personality and expresses your offer to the outside world. This brand narrative is crucial to achieve all of the items highlighted in this blog.


Sometimes the next steps to achieve your objectives are not easy to identify and implement alone. That’s where our team of Narrators can assist, working collaboratively with your in-house marketing or leadership team to guide, plan, design, compose and expertly execute a bespoke marketing strategy. Get in touch today at

This post was created on 15th June 2020
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