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Hi, I’m Tori, PR & Communications Director at Narrative.

I joined the company in late May 2019 and now in my seventh month, I am delighted to say that not only am I a permanent member of staff, I’m enjoying one of the most varied and invigorating roles of my career to date.

Public Relations has moved on a lot over the almost 20 years I’ve been enjoying its company. Being in a position now to explore the evolved meaning of PR in an environment where it is embraced and celebrated is really exciting.

Daily tasks are varied with proactive and reactive projects across an array of industries keeping me on my toes and thinking creatively. Despite their wild differences, all of these activities revolve around a few key elements that I passionately advocate and strive to engage, educate and enrich colleagues and clients alike through embracing the true meaning of PR.

  1. Content creation

I just love telling stories! From compelling brochure copy to engaging web copy, putting into words what a company does differently or just really bloody well is empowering.

Knowing that the tone of voice and choice of words can elevate and position an organisation precisely and with relevance for their target audiences, is just one aspect of getting this right.

The other is ensuring this brand story connects and enhances the visual brand assets – the logo, choice of imagery and the colour palette, which all direct the flow of words to complement and elevate the brand further.

  1. Reputation management

This is the part you’ll all have heard of and probably immediately associated with PR, but maybe not under this title of reputation management. This area of work refers to press releases, articles, blogs and media liaison.

Today’s PR professionals understand that Public Relations stretches way beyond the composition and distribution of press releases. This process of course still happens daily and weekly, but the real reason behind this work is to raise a company’s profile, instill confidence in a brand across a varied collective of stakeholders and to celebrate the success of organisations and the individuals who work there making all these wonderful newsworthy things happen.

  1. Socialising

Managing social media accounts for clients is a great way to connect with their audiences, incorporating key messages and selling points, but most importantly, encouraging positive engagement and two-way conversations to underpin opportunities for growth and brand advocacy.

Content planning and integrating messaging with wider creative campaigns begins to show the depth and breadth of social media use as a strategic and tactical digital PR route to market.

  1. Crisis communications

Dealing with negativity and minimising damage to your brand’s reputation and customers’ perceptions of your organisation can be daunting.

That’s why we work collaboratively with clients to understand these difficult situations, creating press statements, coaching senior team members in interview techniques and planning ahead to generate a stream of positive collateral to build the brand right back up again.

  1. Sharing and instilling knowledge

As a mum to four awesome, kick-ass girls, I’m passionate about instilling confidence and knowledge in others.

Helping individuals, from the doers of the organisation to the senior strategists, is inspiring and something which we advocate here at Narrative both internally and externally.

We deliver training sessions across a broad spectrum of marketing and PR areas, from social media training to crisis comms coaching. Always aligned to clients’ business objectives, our training is flexible and bespoke to ensure recipients at differing start points feel informed and empowered.

And this training mindset is not reserved solely for external use – at Narrative, we run monthly ‘Narrate It’ sessions around useful topics to update and upskill all staff across the business.

  1. Strategic thinking

My team creates a wide variety of strategies for our clients, including: content plans, PR strategies and social media strategies, as well as insightful inputs into clients’ integrated marketing strategies alongside our client partnerships team.

Each specialist area across our business is recognised and as champions of professional marketing, we relish the opportunity to draw from all sources of knowledge across the organisation to enhance outcomes for our clients.

  1. Wider marketing communications

PR and marketing are intrinsically linked – for a long time I considered myself a marketing professional alone, without much of a thought that a large majority of my work was actually Public Relations.

Here at Narrative, the team is really inclusive and welcoming of ideas to enhance every single client’s profile and potential. That’s why I take part in brand development workshops with clients, creative sessions to explore campaign ideas and strap lines, plus regular catch ups with clients to build relationships, trust and come up with even more ideas.

I hope the list above has opened your eyes to the wonderful world of PR and gives an insight into the nurturing, collaborative and inspirational culture at Narrative.

If you want to discuss the ways in which we can help your business to shine, get in touch at

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This post was created on 12th December 2019
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