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This year saw the official launch of Narrative’s internal Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, ‘Narrate It’. The initiative is designed to enable our expert Narrators to share their marketing knowledge with team members across the agency who specialise in different disciplines.

Trialled in late December 2018, the programme has successfully delivered a total of twenty sessions to date, covering topics such as media buying, marketing strategy, data analysis and print. One of our client executives, Connor Warde, takes a closer look at the importance of CPD and how sessions such as Narrate It benefit individuals, clients and the organisation as a whole.


Collective development

The purpose of Narrate It is to provide an enjoyable and continuous learning environment for Narrators so that they can build on their current skill sets and apply what they have learned from the sessions in their day-to-day roles. The sessions are set up so that team members can ask questions, share ideas and gain further insights into the integrated world of marketing.

The importance of CPD

Narrative believes in creating a culture that nurtures development, providing the support that team members need to achieve both their professional and personal objectives. After all, it is the Narrative team members who make us champions of marketing. Continuous Professional Development plays a key role in this, offering individuals the opportunity to expand their capabilities and to drive their ambitions forward.

In a rapidly changing work environment, CPD helps individuals retain a consistent set of high quality, relevant skills and knowledge throughout their professional lives.

An evolving process

Narrate It is just one stage in Narrative’s evolving CPD journey, with team members enrolling in external training courses provided by professional bodies such as CIM, CIPR, AAT and IPA. The aim is to encourage individuals to challenge themselves and to progress in their professional development.

Additionally, Narrative has recently introduced an official CPD committee which has brought together five passionate Narrators to discuss and plan future CPD events, courses and qualifications that can be shared across the whole agency.

The benefits of CPD

For the learner:
• Enhances their ability to regularly learn and improve
• Provides the individual with valuable experience and scenarios that they can showcase in their CVs and interviews
• Keeps both academic and professional qualifications up to date
• Refines their personal skills and intellect to help fill knowledge gaps
• Makes them feel valued as CPD sees the organisation invests time in them and not just the job role

For the organisation:
• Ensures that the standard of work produced by team members is consistently high
• Improves efficiency, productivity and motivation amongst staff members
• Enhances the business’s reputation amongst clients as well as potential employees
• Promotes a healthy learning culture and an outlet for continuous improvement
Ongoing learning enables a level of growth that makes individuals, groups and organisations truly stand out.  To find out more about the disciplines our Narrators specialise in, visit our complete list of services.

This post was created on 9th August 2019
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