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Last month, our civil engineering and construction client Applebridge approached us for training and support with SEO and Social Media to boost their digital marketing knowledge and activities.

Applebridge are the largest of several divisions within the Applebridge Family and were in the process of launching individual websites and social profiles for each of their divisions which have their own unique brand identities. This training would lay the groundwork for managing these multiple brands online, to tailor their content and to connect with audiences in all the right places.

Applebridge mainly wanted to upskill their team in terms of understanding how to build and manage a social media strategy with the right tools, as well as becoming more familiarised with WordPress, SEO best practice and using Google Analytics to measure results.

Narrative supported by delivering tailored training sessions that covered these topics in depth, to equip the key stakeholders at Applebridge with the knowledge and skills to implement these digital tactics as part of their online marketing activities. The training was also designed to instil confidence in their strategy and approach.

We hosted a dedicated session on using Google Analytics for SEO and PPC for the Applebridge team, delivered by our in-house digital experts, as well as a WordPress demo that covered SEO best practice for web content optimisation and blogging.

The most in-depth training came in the form of a full social media training workshop ran by our PR and Media team, in which Applebridge were talked through the processes of building a social media strategy, developing engaging social content, growing their audiences and measuring results.

Applebridge were also presented with a full audit of their current social media content, alongside a review of their key competitors as well as a tailored copy of our in-depth Narrative social media guide. Key topics included most popular times to post, types of content that works best for each platform, guidelines on managing customer feedback and tools to improve the quality of social content.

Applebridge were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the approaches to social media and SEO with the Narrative team who were able to share their experiences, anecdotal examples and industry statistics on digital marketing tactics that work well.

The Applebridge team benefited greatly from the training, which helped them glean a clear understanding of their current positioning alongside competitors, as well as become more familiar with SEO and social media best practices. The training also allowed Narrative to build a stronger relationship with the Applebridge team, and a clear understanding of the challenges that the Applebridge team were experiencing, as well as the ideas and direction they wanted to take with their online marketing

Hannah Collins, Customer Relationship Manager at Applebridge said:

“The training and guidance from Narrative completely exceeded my expectations; they provided in-depth information without it being too overwhelming. I am now able to look at new tools that would make the social media management for the Applebridge Family much easier, whilst juggling multiple brands and profiles. The bespoke training guides are fantastic and will be used for years to come. “

If you’re interested in tailored training for your team on the marketing channels that we cover, why not get in touch with us today to find out more? Drop us an email at or call our team for a chat

This post was created on 15th March 2021
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