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This year has been a rollercoaster for everyone, and so many elements in our lives have changed. As it’s national work-life week, PR and Content Executive, Charlotte, explores some top tips for working from home. 

Stick to a schedule

You should aim to keep your daily routine as normal as possible. By doing this, it allows you to stick to your deadlines, stay on top of your work and help to keep an element of normality active in such an unprecedented time. 

As worrying as these times are, try to follow your usual work, eating and sleeping patterns to allow an element of consistency to be present in your life. 

Allow yourself time to breathe 

It’s important to allow yourself time to take regular breaks throughout the day to manage stress and screen time consumption. This time out allows you to be better focused and increase concentration. It can have a significant benefit on your mental health. 

Have your own workspace

Not everyone has an office space in their home, and if this is the case you should aim to find a quiet, comfortable and practical place to work (such as at a dining room table). But be sure to have everything you need within this workspace so you can continue with your work life.

Any space that you have available, big or small, can be transformed into your new work environment. So, it’s important to keep yourself comfortable. And we know it can be tempting to sit on the sofa, even for five minutes, but by not sitting at a desk or table and sitting on a chair it can have negative effects on your posture. 

If you don’t have an office chair, don’t worry! You can use cushions to support yourself or a box to support your feet!

Stay connected 

When working in an office you can easily interact with other members of staff, and although working from home has its perks you could begin to feel isolated. 

Human interaction is an integral part of everyday life and is important for our wellbeing. There are lots of ways in which you can stay in touch with your colleagues: from regular Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails to virtual coffee break catch ups or Friday afternoon quizzes. 

It’s important to keep communication open and socialise in the ‘new normal’. 

This helps to maintain and build shared values as well as supporting one another, even if it is from afar.

Celebrate your successes

Any success, big or small is worthy of celebrating at any time. But during this period, we should be celebrating all of our successes, whether they’re your own goals or goals achieved as a team to keep morale and positivity high. 

This is important from an internal comms point of view, but also from an external perspective, so don’t forget to share some of these successes in newsletters or on social posts too.

As we navigate this new working environment, we are encouraging flexible working with many of our Narrators working from home to support national efforts to slow the Covid-19 outbreak. 

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about developing your marketing strategy, refreshing your brand or simply talking through your future plans and how we can support you; get in touch today at

This post was created on 12th October 2020
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