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5 Top Tips on How To Create a Successful Social Media Post

26th October 2021

In the modern world, social media has become a big part of our daily lives. How we connect with people and identify ourselves is driven by this online network. For a business, it is important to drive these characteristics in the right manner and engage the right target audience. In this week’s insight, we look […]

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Can Blogs Still Be Useful To Your Brand?

26th October 2021

Are marketing insight blogs dead? Well, let’s figure this out. Since the boom of blogs over 10 years ago, marketing agencies have jumped upon the bandwagon and have used this tool to peel away at important information about the modern marketer and what work they’ve done with clients in recent times. However, in this modern […]

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Ads and Media Buying with Sky

29th June 2021

Joanna Taylor looks at how you can use Sky ads for your next marketing campaign. Find out more…

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10 Questions with Chris Pescod

18th June 2021

Meet our Creative Lead, Chris Pescod and find out about his journey as a Narrator and expert designer

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An Introduction to Animation

10th May 2021

Aimee Philipson and design lead Chris Pescod talk through everything you ever wanted to know about animation

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Marketing agency wins a dozen new clients in as many weeks

27th April 2021

North East based marketing agency, Narrative, has welcomed a wealth of new clients so far this year, adding a new client every week from January to March 2021.

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Why Reactive PR and Newsjacking Lands Coverage

8th April 2021

What if we told you that you didn’t have to wait until you had big news to land coverage in the media? Intrigued? Then newsjacking might be the PR tactic for you. Newsjacking is a great opportunity to get your brand noticed and gain links without having to spend endless hours and cash on a […]

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How Instagram Encourages Meaningful Engagements

30th March 2021

Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has moved away from displaying a reverse chronological feed and refocused on giving users content that they want to see. The ever-evolving platform now centres around an algorithm which is said to encourage ‘meaningful engagements. Today we delve into what this means for your social media strategy, along with […]

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Working From Home – One Year On At Narrative

23rd March 2021

This March marks one whole year since the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses and offices to shut their doors indefinitely. Remote working became the norm for Narrative and one year on, our team are still doing amazing work and landing new clients despite not being able to share an office together. With an end now in […]

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Narrative Deliver Tailored Digital Training For Applebridge Construction

15th March 2021

Last month, our civil engineering and construction client Applebridge approached us for training and support with SEO and Social Media to boost their digital marketing knowledge and activities. Applebridge are the largest of several divisions within the Applebridge Family and were in the process of launching individual websites and social profiles for each of their […]

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10 Questions With Claire Turnbull

11th March 2021

Our resident Media Buyer Claire Turnbull is truly an expert at what she does. Having worked in the media for 28 years within top agencies and in-house teams, her knowledge of all things advertising is well-honed, and she has been landing impressive ads for a number of high-profile clients throughout her career! Today we chat […]

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Making Reactive Social Media Work For Your Brand

15th March 2021

The world of social media never stands still for long. With content, trends and algorithms changing by the minute, brands need to be adaptable and reactive on social media to grab those ‘in-the-moment’ opportunities. Being reactive on social media can be an effective way to reach new and existing audiences at the right time, and […]

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