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Our Creative Delivery Manager, Chris Pescod, explores the importance of a unique identity – one which tells your brand story and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Owning your brand is not just a hot topic, it’s at the core of enticing clients in, retaining them as advocates and forms part of the critical process that links your business values with your brand’s personality and a whole lot more.

As a designer, this is always at the forefront of my thinking when approaching any brand project. There is no better feeling than creating concepts that truly reflect your client and their business. One of the things I personally find so rewarding is being able to create something unique for clients, something that really excites them.

Our clients come to us and challenge us as designers to be innovative and use our knowledge to conceptualise exciting new creative ideas for them. Something they can be proud of and really shout about.

It is very easy in this day and age to go one of the many image library websites and download a logo vector. Then quickly change the colour, then bang, there’s your logo. That’s not what being a designer is about, anyone can do that. This way of working takes no time or creative knowledge and is just a little bit of a cop out. It starts to make it difficult for agencies who always try to come up with something new and exciting. Imagine if you went down this download design road, found a logo, downloaded it, gave your client the logo, and that they loved it! They then see it on van driving past them on the street or on Facebook or on a flyer through their door. Now you have to explain to the client, why they have seen their logo somewhere else and then why they are paying for something that isn’t really theirs!

Having something unique which is yours, and really owning it, is what creating a brand is all about. I think of some of my favourite brands like Shake Shack, Apple, Oakley and Harley Davidson and see a collection of totally different visual styles, colours, typefaces etc. None have an off the shelf solution, they have something created just for them which represents what they are all about, something you can look at and think, yeah, that’s cool! Not, hmm I’ve seen that somewhere before.

Having a unique identity is what distinguishes you from your competitors, and I think taking any shorts-cuts when creating a new logo can really affect the impact that your new identity can have on your business. Having something designed, which is totally yours, is a definite worthwhile investment.

Our brand development process is a great way to energise and capture what your brand and your team represent. At Narrative, we work with you to explore your objectives and to define what sets you apart from the competition as we uncover your brand story and create a truly unique identity for your organisation. Get in touch with the team at  

This post was created on 30th June 2020
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