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Wellbeing Works approached us to quote for a full brand and website project for its new unique innovative reporting tool which measures the psychological safety and effectiveness of boards.

BoardWorks brand needed to be standalone to the existing Wellbeing Works brand due to the different audiences it aimed to address. It needed to be corporate and professional yet still fit in with the other companies in the group such as Team Works.

BoardWorks required an experienced supplier who listened and understood the company’s vision and were able to deliver a brand and digital platform.

Upon commission of the project, we held a Discovery Workshop with the client to extract the essential meaning and most important aspects of the company’s USPs. As the project kicked off in the middle of a global pandemic, the workshop was held on Zoom video conference software. However, this did not prohibit the outcome of the project, and if anything it brought the team (Narrative and the client) together more often with regular catch ups. From the initial workshop the creative ideation was born.

We presented a couple of different options but the winning visual identity had three strong elements; colour, icon and the strapline.

Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. It is a stimulating and invigorating colour that also represents open communication and clarity of thought, both of which are strong values to the company and unique selling points of the tool itself.

The ‘B’ shape was used for several reasons. Not only did it form a pattern which was aesthetically pleasing when used in context on business cards, sales brochures, digital banners, etc. but BoardWorks also wanted a strong icon or symbol that could be awarded to boards when they had taken the assessment and were ‘certified’. The logo acts as a digital badge in recognition of the board’s achievement and demonstrate commitment to striving for ultimate board effectiveness.

Once the brand was signed off, we moved on to the website design and development. The website sitemap needed to be simplistic and not overcomplicate the tool. The purpose of the website was to generate leads for the Principal Consultant who would then follow up and make appointments to demonstrate the tool.

Due to the academic nature of the subject and increasing importance of wellbeing in the workplace, a blog was added so the client could add regular content and drive traffic to the website from marketing channels such as LinkedIn.


With the brand identity in place, we created a set of easy to follow guidelines that set out how to apply a consistent creative route across all online and offline collateral going forward.

Although very early days for BoardWorks, initial responses to the new branding and website have been extremely positive from our client and their partners.

Erica Legg, Principal Consultant said:

“Working with the Narrative team has been very easy; you could see that they were actively listening to all of our suggestions and when they did the initial brand reveal we could not have been happier. They gave us a choice of colour options which we were then able to share with our wider team, seeing the brand visually on a range of collateral items and even as an image on an exhibition stand helped us to get a really good feel for the design and demonstrated just how professional it was.

“When building our website we had a lot of content to write, some of this had to come from our senior leadership team, Rachel, our Account Manager had a lot of patience, was great at keeping us up to date with what we needed next, through zoom meetings and shared files, from our perspective a fantastic supplier relationship was formed, we are really pleased with how easy the website is to update at our end, the menu works well, it is easy for prospective clients to use and we are very pleased with the result.”

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