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Business Energy Claims

Business Energy Claims

Business Energy Claims helps businesses to recover monies from mis-sold energy contracts and aims to challenge the commercial energy market, increase understanding amongst customers and inform regulators of energy mis-selling practices among UK brokers.

In 2018 they were an unknown start-up. We partnered with the team to increase the business’ profile and to support the education of their target audiences via an integrated approach.

To kickstart the business, a brand was developed. This consisted of colour choices which convey trust and authority, and a design detail signifying the act of ‘pulling back the curtain’ on the commercial energy broker industry.

We then developed a robust content strategy for the business including a new website, a PR strategy, a social media strategy and a rolling content plan, as well as ongoing marketing consultancy for the team.

We set KPIs in partnership with the client’s in-house team, including measurable targets, with deadlines, for Domain Authority, Keywords in Top 5/10/20, media coverage, inbound enquiries and new subscribers to the mailing list.

A programme of local, national and trade media relations was implemented, and content developed for each audience. The new website was launched in June 2018 and an email programme was created to nurture leads. Content was distributed across relevant channels to engage the target audience and to educate them about the potential pitfalls of mis-selling, as well as how they could simply and quickly get their bills checked by the Business Energy Claims team. Engagement on social media was monitored and responded to during and outside office hours to ensure a consistent service and resource for potential and current customers.


“We were so impressed that Narrative really got our business straight away. We’ve had some great inbound enquiries from PR coverage, especially in the Sunday Times thanks to the hard work of Narrative and our teams working together.”

Each week target keyword rankings are continuing to improve, with new keywords appearing in the Top 50, Top 20 and Top 10 each week. Organic search traffic has increased consistently month on month resulting in a 24% total increase in organic search traffic in three months. Branded search traffic has increased by 500% in the same period, and media coverage has been consistent in target publications including The Sunday Times, Care Home Management, The Manufacturer, BQ and Northern Insight.





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