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Mandata were scaling up and approached Narrative for marketing support to help them meet their business goals. They came to use with a clear brief which outlined their ambitions to grow the market share, increase inbound leads and increase adoption of their transport management software for hauliers.

We wrote a marketing strategy which aligned with the business objectives and outlined how to improve Mandata’s positioning, communicate their message to the target market and improve the sales funnel to maximise opportunities. The plan took into consideration the prospect’s journey and addressed key touch points such as awareness, consideration, decision and delight.

The strategy proved that user experience and user interface on the current website wasn’t as effective as it could be and that an overhaul was required in order to increase conversions. With this in mind a new website was designed and developed with the end user front of mind and the ultimate goal of generating conversions.

Once the website was launched, we also planned a robust digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website which included Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn paid and organic posts and email marketing.

We created bespoke landing pages on the website which linked to the Google and Bing Ads to ensure the users search term was highly relevant to the page they landed on to improve the user experience.

Goals and KPIs were agreed prior to the launch of the activity and reports were produced on a monthly basis which evaluated website traffic acquisition and user behaviour once they landed on the site.

We were given an ambitious goal to generate 85% more leads though the website – after three months we exceeded this target and tracked a 193% increase in leads.


The Mandata website attracts approximately over 2,500 users per month from a variety of channels and user behaviour has improved with monthly average bounce rate regularly under 60%. Since the start of 2020, traffic to the site is over 32% up YoY. Each month around 80% of total traffic to the Mandata website is made up of new visitors to the site.

Due to ongoing SEO work, each month organic search delivers the highest level of website conversions and has the lowest bounce rate across all channels.

Since we started running Mandata’s social media channels, their total net audience has grown by 90.6%, with a 182% increase in total engagements cross-network. This included a significant increase in engagements on Facebook by 721%, an increase of 38.9% for engagements on LinkedIn.

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