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Normedica is a one-stop shop for medical supplies for GPs, dentists, care homes, hospitals and other healthcare settings, as well as individuals at home or at work.

They approached Narrative with a range of objectives for improving their marketing:

  • Diversify the markets they supplied to
  • Creation of a marketing strategy and key messages
  • Revisit the brand and the website to ensure they were fit for purpose
  • Increase leads
  • Improve search visibility
  • Modernise marketing approach and its role in the business


Our activity

We worked with Normedica on a full service basis; as their outsourced marketing department including a weekly hot-desking day to integrate with the team and improve communication.

Projects have included:

  • Strategy development
  • A new brand launch
  • Introduction of content marketing and SEO improvements
  • Creation of marketing materials for the sales team
  • Social media management and content creation
  • A new website launch (in progress)
  • Development of promotional campaigns including PR, advertising, direct mail and PPC
  • Introduction of email marketing to re-engage customers
  • In-depth reporting on marketing performance and proactive ideas

The brand was developed in summer 2020 to modernise the look and appeal to both B2C and B2B markets. The new brand needed to reflect the Northern roots of the business whilst appealing to national and international markets, and customers in a range of settings from healthcare to homes.

Our Head of Creative, Tony explains the process:

“We began by removing the local iconography from the logo and updated the typography but that was just the start. We added a different icon in place of the letter ‘A’; a triangle with a medical symbol at its heart. The triangle suggests different directions and reflects the delivery aspect of the business. It also points north to reflect that Normedica began, and is still based, in the North East.

“In terms of expanding the brand we added a background that could be used in all collateral, it embodies the motion and nature of deliveries to different locations. We added an iconic colour palette that more accurately portrays the nature of the business – its now instantly recognisable as the leading medical supplies company it is.

“Now the new identity stands out in the marketplace and more accurately reflects the evolved business and its future plans.”


Our team supported Normedica through a period of evolution in the business which included a rebrand, a new website, recruitment of new members of staff and the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new branding was well-received by both internal and external stakeholders and can be seen at





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