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Order with JO (Interstate Hotels)


Interstate Hotels, with whom we have worked on creative and digital project for several of this hotel brands, have developed an innovative online ordering service which allows hotel guests to choose and pay for food and drinks through an app or website – like an enhanced room service.

It is a quick and convenient way to order refreshments that limits interactions between guests and staff, which not only supports the efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the current pandemic, but also enhances the guest experience by reducing wait times at the bar.


The brand development

The brief included the name of the app: Order with JO (with ‘JO’ standing for Just Order). It is action-orientated, easy to remember and emphasises the ease of using the service. It is also purposefully generic so that the service could be extended in future to areas outside food and drink, such as requesting an iron or toiletries from reception direct to a guest’s room.

We were briefed to develop the brand identity and colour palette for the service, alongside a tone of voice document which would be shared with the hotel brands to aid consistent rollout. It was a cross-agency project which included expertise from our creative, artwork, PR, marketing and copywriting Narrators.

The branding needed to be flexible so it could be used by several different hotel brands throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia and US, and it needed to complement a variety of different branding and interior design styles.

We developed a style which modernised the traditional ‘service bell’ approach to ordering food and drinks in hotels. It utilised the iconic cursor style finger pressing a button, as if tapping on an app or touch screen website. This style was synonymous with the action of ‘online ordering’ but did not relate to food and drink specifically, and so could be rolled out to other items in future, as per the brief.

The orange colour was developed for the logo as it stood out from the hotel brands’ logos it would be accompanying, whilst complementing their established colour schemes.



Working with the in-house marketing team, we further iterated the identity and colour palette, and developed a set of brand guidelines to ensure control over the use of the new brand as it was rolled out across many hotel brands.

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