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After being successful in a competitive tender in 2020 with Reed in Partnership, we were tasked with raising awareness of the government’s Job Entry: Targeted Support (WHP JETS) Scheme in the North of England. The scheme provides employment support to Universal Credit (UC), and New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimants who have been unemployed for 3 months or more . It provides support and training to allow claimants to be ‘job ready’ and make a real difference to businesses as soon as they are placed.

The client required:

  • Campaign creative
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign delivery
  • Harness the power of local relationships
  • Tracking and reporting

The B2B campaign brief had target locations, target industries and targets for number of leads. We developed the following campaign: Ready for Everything.

Our approach

We undertook research in to the mindsets of the target audience (business owners and HR teams in SMEs in Yorkshire, North East and East Midlands):

“Nearly 200,000 people over the age of 50 have dropped out of the workforce or become economically inactive since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK and the supply of people available for permanent work soared in July 2020 by the largest amount since the financial crisis in 2008. But whilst supply is high, demand is faltering.” – The Times, 2020

  • employers were reducing staffing costs to help cashflow
  • current employees were taking on more responsibilities to reduce risks of hiring new staff at this time
  • online recruitment was a huge change for most businesses and it was taking time and resource to adapt
  • uncertainty in the economy means businesses were hesitant to plan too far in to the future

With the research in mind, our strategy was based on three pillars: engage, reassure and inspire. We needed the creative to show that there was a skilled workforce out there ready to slot in to a business’ vacancies. The creative needed to appeal to senior decision-makers who may not consider Universal Credit (UC) and New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimants for their vacancies. We were required to show that due to COVID, the demographic and skillsets of these claimants has drastically changed and that they are suitable for vacancies that they may have been overlooked previously. We devised the strapline “Ready for Everything” to encompass this concept.


We planned a blend of marketing activities including TV, radio and digital advertising to build brand awareness, and PR, social media and content to engage, build trust and reassure businesses that the scheme was the right fit for them once they were aware of it.

The photography and videography were produced bespoke for the client and real companies from across the North East volunteered to support with locations, props and uniforms (which actually subsequently generated a referral to the WHP JETS scheme!). The models were chosen using the demographics of the jobseekers on the scheme so that it reflected real candidates. It was important that the client could ‘own’ the imagery and that it was distinctly ‘Reed in Partnership’ and part of a suite of materials. The TV commercial used evocative music and a northern voiceover actor to show alignment with the target audience the advert was aimed at. TV commercial can be seen here:

A range of printed and digital materials was designed including postcards, leaflets, social media graphics and PowerPoint presentations which allowed the internal team to support the wider campaign activity and convert leads generated. The campaign was launched internally via an internal webinar to generate buy-in and share what was happening with the key teams at Reed in Partnership who could help to make the campaign a success.

We created a simple website which acted as a hub for all things WHP JETS-related in the North of England and to which all advertising was directed so that leads could be monitored and attributed to specific marketing channels.

The first burst of the 14-month campaign ended in December 2020 and reached over 2 million decision-makers in the target businesses. Nearly 2000 jobseekers have been placed since October 2020.





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