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University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria needed to grow its market share of undergraduates and as their long-standing marketing partner we were ideally placed to support them with the creative and media strategies to reach these objectives.

We started this process by working with their in-house creative team and acting as a ‘critical friend’. We led a number of workshops with the team that began by reviewing past creative material. We also talked to students and asked about their perceptions of the University. The team spent time considering competitor institutions’ messaging and the visual style of their marketing materials. It became apparent the there was a feeling amongst students the University was not as highly regarded as other peer institutions. This led to potential students applying elsewhere, so if we were able to change this perception it would naturally benefit recruitment.

We developed the new ‘Better World’ concept, which was a game changing visual departure for the client. The campaign raised the quality and appeal of marketing materials as well as creating a bank of inspirational alumni stories. We used the success stories of previous graduates to highlight the range of courses and possible career outcomes that were possible with University of Cumbria. We arranged a photoshoot to capture these stories and create a unique range of multi-use images.

The Better World campaign was flexible enough to be used on a range of digital and traditional channels.

These included:

  • Advertising collateral
  • Online display
  • Undergraduate prospectus
  • Email marketing
  • On campus posters and signage

Feedback from sessions we ran with new students recruited using the updated collateral showed a marked improvement in perceptions.

As a result of this, we were then commissioned to develop the undergraduate concept ‘Welcome To Our World’ to run across the next year’s recruitment campaign. To ensure the campaign still resonated with its audience, we ran a number of workshops with various student groups. This involved us creating three possible visual directions for the campaign, presenting them all to students, collating the feedback and then presenting it back to the University team for discussion. We were then able to start creating the recruitment collateral with confidence knowing that the concept and visuals were well received with audiences.

The list of outputs included:

  • Advertising collateral
  • Online display
  • Undergraduate Prospectus
  • Email marketing
  • On campus posters and signage
  • UCAS exhibition stand

For the prospectus we pioneered a publication that had multiple parts and that could be built up as needed. The prospectus had a ‘core’ product that contained all ‘generic’ information. We then produced six separate course specific documents that could be either stand alone or combined with the generic document. These were held together with a branded book band.

The campaign included a new updated UCAS fair exhibition system that carried on the theme of ‘Welcome To Our World’ and provided a standout display.

Since then, we also have designed and produced a full range of advertising outputs for Clearing campaign ‘Clear and Simple’ for both offline and online outputs.

We worked on recruitment campaigns for the University until July 2018 (the contract was extended one year further after the original end date).

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