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What is an employer brand? How does it support your company brand? Do you really need one? SEAO Talent Partners believes an effective employer brand is crucial to a business’ success. In this special guest blog, they explain the difference between a company brand and an employer brand and explore the value each of these can bring to your business.

For many businesses, the company brand is identified and redefined over the course of the business’ journey. However, many organisations overlook the value that their employer brand can add to their company, increasing their appeal to both prospective employees and potential clients.
Employer brand is all about the voice of your people. It is what you are known for when it comes to working conditions, culture, values and the work ethic of your troops and team members.

Your company brand encompasses your catalogue of services and products – it effectively acts as your shop window. It allows your prospective customers to fully understand what you offer and what is different about your business, providing you the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Your company brand helps to spread your business’s message, with the aim of being recognisable to your industry competitors and peers.

But when you combine your company brand with an effective, creative and engaging employer brand – that’s when your business truly ‘pops’.

Company brand + Employer brand = Success

As part of your employer brand, it is crucial to clearly articulate your employee value proposition (EVP) and ensure it is as visible as possible.
An EVP is the array of benefits a business offers its employees in exchange for their expertise and skills. It is ultimately the ‘sense’ of the business – what it stands for from your peoples’ perspective, the importance you put on the support and development of your people and the value you associate with their loyalty and commitment.

So, what is your EVP?

If you have an existing EVP, how does it tie into how you are selling your business? We believe in the saying ‘people buy from people’. If potential clients see how you support your team and have an insight into your working environment and culture, they are more likely to make a purchase.

If they can visualise your people (your real people!) and gain an insight into how you deliver your services or products, they are so much more likely to want to be associated with your business.

Your values, your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), your team events, your charity partner, your learning and development opportunities and what people say about working for you – these will all paint an image for prospective customers which will aid their decision-making process.

In summary, not only will a strong employer brand attract the skilled and motivated individuals you need to grow and evolve your business, it will ultimately help you to win customers too.

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This post was created on 22nd November 2019
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