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Traditionally, it has been defined that engagement is at the core of the value-driven relationship between a customer and a business. This coupled with uncertainty over how to manage experiences (how customers feel), has led to the rise in popularity of engagement over experience.

Each time a customer engages with you, they are forming an opinion about you, the business and the brand as a whole. This sub set of ‘engagements’ accumulate to create their overall ‘experience’. Everyone strives to perfect each part of the process to ensure every engagement is positive, including building in mechanisms to grow relationships rather than interactions being purely transactional.

But what if you focus on the end point first? By aligning your practices and services to improve customer experience from the outset, you will accelerate their journey from prospect to advocate whilst reinforcing positive perceptions of your organisation along the way.

This in no way means stopping the focus on improving processes and systems to improve any touchpoints and engagements with customers, but does provoke the thoughts of working smarter to achieve greater experience levels and happier, healthier brand advocates.

This post was created on 16th January 2020
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