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As we look back over a turbulent start to this new decade, not only have we already borne endless speculation and political debate over the future of our country, plus numerous storms, floods and wind shaking us to our core; we continue to endure a pandemic that has gripped the globe and remains a widespread, unpredictable threat to our health and the economic prosperity of many nations.

Let’s hope the second decade of the 21st century evolves to mimic the recovery shown in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ some 100 years ago – a decade of economic growth and widespread prosperity, driven by various factors including recovery from the devastation of war and a boom in the construction industry. This coupled with the rapid growth of consumer goods such as electricity and cars sent the globe into an exciting new era.

Growth areas for 2020 and beyond are expected to see us take a peek into a space-age future filled with autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and much more.

It is difficult at this time to accurately predict the rate of recovery across each sector, given the current state of economic turmoil, but what we can do is make some sensible suggestions around aligning organisational culture and business objectives to equip businesses and their people with the skills and strategies to survive.

From a marketing perspective, there are some critical areas in which to invest time and budget to ensure a cohesive approach to business activities and bolster reputation both internally and externally.

• Online content creation
With the surge in digital activities as people continue to work remotely and engagement remains skewed towards online; the creation of content for web pages, social media posts and digital news/blogs is critical to update, inform and engage stakeholders. Not only does new content keep messages fresh and keep readers up-to-date, it ensures your key messages are regularly reminding people of who you are and what you do.

• Data, intelligence and insights
Again aligned to digital activities, analysing what is working well and what to do less of is easier with analytics available on Google as well as social media insights by platform. This intelligence will help you to plan and refine activities and content, ensuring the most relevant and engaging items continue to drive your business forward.

• Strategy and planning ahead
Although many things seem uncertain, what you can have clarity on is your core messaging, expertise and aims to underpin business continuity. Your marketing strategy sits at the centre of your activities, supporting your business plan and providing a tactical direction for your teams. Utilise any available time to update and evolve your strategy, making sure that it is fit for purpose and well understood across the business.

• Stand out from the crowd
Your brand is more than a logo or a collection of words explaining your services; it’s a combination of these items plus a whole lot more, including your culture, your experience and your successes. To compete in any sector, your brand needs to stand out from the competition. By ensuring your identity has the correct look and feel to entice the right customers to get in touch, backed up by carefully curated content to define exactly what you do and why; your overall brand story will be primed to engage and attract prospects, as well as instilling confidence in existing customers and your own employees.

If you can address, monitor and maintain momentum in the areas highlighted above, you’ll be well on your way to facing the ups and downs the rest of this year has in store.

One thing’s for sure, whatever this decade ends up being coined, we’re in for one hell of a ride! But for now, let’s buckle up and unite to weather the current storm.

Our team of Narrators are skilled in content creation, strategy mapping, data insights and all things brand development and design related – so if you need any support to get your strategy on track or to evolve your brand to align your business to upcoming opportunities, get in touch today at

This post was created on 24th June 2020
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