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Creativity is one of our core values and is embedded within all of our processes and practices. Our outstanding creative team understands how to translate a business’s story into impactful design.

Both you and your creative have a common goal – achieving the best possible results for you and your business. Here, our senior creative, Sharon Armstrong, discusses a few tips to help you get the best from them.

1. Communication is key

Right from the start, provide your creative with as much detail as you possibly can about everything to do with the project. In doing so, this will ensure we’re both starting from the same point, we’re totally clear on the problem that needs to be solved and we have everything we need to start the creative process.

2. The bigger picture

Discussing with your creative how your project fits within the overall marketing strategy of your business will give us a greater understanding of what you want to achieve. Let us know what your future goals are and what’s worked well for you in the past. This will all help in the design process.

3. Don’t be too prescriptive

Give us the boundaries you want us to work within – such as budget, time-frame and existing guidelines – but make sure you allow us the freedom to be creative in the execution. We’re passionate about what we do so give us the freedom to explore various possible outcomes for you.

4. See us as a partner

We both want to get the best outcome and by working together and building a good relationship we can achieve this. This should be a two-way process where both of our opinions are equally valued. Let us explain our thought process – this will give you a better understanding of how we reached our final design.

5. Be honest

Give us your honest feedback, we’re used to it and it will help us to understand what is or isn’t working about the design. The more specific you can be the better – don’t just say you don’t like it. We understand this can be difficult at times, but try to put into words what is or isn’t working for you.
If you would like to know more about our creative process, or have a project you’d like us to work on, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at

This post was created on 6th September 2019
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