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For many students, it is easy to become consumed in university life and academia, focusing only on lectures, assignments and exams.

But it is extremely important to consider life outside of the university campus, especially in terms of what you will do after you graduate. A crucial way to enhance your prospects as a graduate is to complete work experience during your degree.

But why is work experience so important?

A degree alone is not enough

In most sectors, a degree alone is not enough to cut it in a competitive job market. Employers favourably view candidates who have work experience in the environment they are applying for. Having work experience on your CV will make it stand out amongst other applications.

‘Try before you buy’

If you’re unsure about which career direction you want to head in after you graduate, work experience is the perfect opportunity to try out different sectors and job roles to find out what you love doing and what you really hate! Ask your colleagues lots of questions during your work experience to help you to get a sense of whether the industry is a good fit for you.

Develop employability skills

Work experience can help you to develop or improve key employability skills that you might not get a chance to work on during your degree, such as teamwork, problem solving, time management and communication skills.

Build contacts and networking

The professional connections that you make during your work experience may prove to be invaluable when it comes to searching for jobs. They can act as references for future applications or even become your future employers. Building contacts and networking with people who work in the industry you aspire to be part of will always come in useful!

Transference of skills

The skills that you learn as part of your work experience can help to enrich your understanding of the content of your degree. Likewise, you can apply the skills and concepts that you have learnt during your degree to a real world, professional environment.

So with all of these benefits, alongside countless more, undertaking work experience during your university degree is a valuable opportunity to help you to get ahead in your dream career.

If you’re a university student looking to gain experience in an exciting, fast-paced marketing agency, contact the team at

By Laura Taylor, PR intern at Narrative

This post was created on 25th February 2019
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